Home Buyer’s Completion Checklist

Now that your purchase is official, we’ll be waiting for the Completion and Possession Date, which are noted on the contract! On the Possession date, we will meet at the property to do a walk-through (to make sure everything is as expected) and then you’ll officially be the new owner! Note that the Contract stipulates a specific time with regards to the Possession – it’s often at Noon, but can be later or earlier in the day – so you want to make sure that you have planned the movers around the Possession time so you don’t get stuck having to pay the movers until you finally get the keys!

There are a few tasks you need to complete before the Completion and Possession Date.

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The 7 Sins When Selling Your Home

Listing your home inevitably brings up challenges, my intention with this article is to help you navigate those challenges and keep you out of all the trouble that comes along with dealing in high-stakes Real Estate transactions.   

As a Realtor I meet an exorbitant amount of people, many of whom say "I'm thinking of listing my home BUT I have the news telling me one thing about the market, a Realtor telling me another and then that friend or family member that has an answer for everything. Where do I start?".  

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Facts About The Johnson Street Bridge - Victoria BC

The Johnson Street Bridge designed by  Strauss Bascule Company  is Located in Victoria BC  and is a iconic feature of the city. The iconic bridge is easily noticeable for its bright blue colour and the uniqueness on how  the bridge draws upwards to allow passage of boats mainly VIA Rail Dayliner. 

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Best Hotels In The Cowichan Valley

The Cowichan Valley is a very popular destination especially during the summer months. There is not a wide variety of hotels in the Cowichan Valley, however below is a compiled list of the best/well known hotel's in the community. Additionally there are many other accommodation options other than hotel such as Air B&B, Lodges and B&B.

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The truth is – buying and selling a home is never easy. But it doesn’t have to be hard either. Damien and Brittany with Re-Max Ocean Pointe Realty know timing and planning are the most important components to a smooth transaction in real estate. You can try to do all the work yourself. But, with so many details to check and to keep track of, missing even one thing you’re supposed to do could cause a domino effect of headaches relating to your move.

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